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How We Screen Members

We carefully screen all prospective members to ensure they are aligned with pro-choice values before listing them in our provider directory. Read more below about how we ensure that the providers listed in our directory are vetted and reviewed.

Please note: while we take deliberate steps to ensure that therapists represented in this directory are in alignment with pro-choice values, we cannot guarantee that they will be the right fit for you, nor are we responsible for any treatment outcomes. Contact us if you have concerns about an experience with a listed provider.

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Introductory Training

All prospective members start by taking Pro-Choice Therapists' in-depth training, facilitated by founder and CEO Dr. Ashley Sweet. The training provides an overview of abortion and how patients might experience it, the state of abortion restrictions/legislation, common misconceptions about abortion, how to identify a crisis pregnancy center, trusted research about abortion and mental health, common causes of distress around abortion (e.g. stigma and shame), legal protections for mental health providers sharing information about abortion with clients, up-to-date resources, and more.


Comprehension Quiz

After completing the training, all prospective members take a comprehension quiz to confirm their knowledge of the information presented during the introductory training. Members are required to pass the test with an 85% score to move forward in the application process.

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Member Application

Once the training and quiz have been completed, prospective members submit an application for membership. In addition to collecting information that will be displayed in the directory, the member application asks open-ended questions that allow us to confirm the providers' alignment with pro-choice values. Finally, the membership application requires applicants to agree to our member agreements and submit proof of licensure.


Final Review & Directory Listing

Our team carefully reviews every membership application and follows-up as needed to clarify or confirm details. Once the application is approved, the provider is included in our searchable national directory of pro-choice therapists.

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