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Member Agreements

Our member agreements are at the heart of our application process.

All providers listed in our provider directory are required to attest to the following:
  1. I affirm and support a person’s right to choose abortion, parenthood, and/or adoption. 

  2. I will provide my clients with medically and politically accurate information about abortion in the state where they reside, if asked/appropriate (note: providing information is not the same as providing advice). 

  3. I will take all action within my ethical and legal rights to protect the privacy and confidentiality of a client’s decision to terminate a pregnancy. This includes sensitivity about what is documented in their clinical record. 

  4. During the informed consent process, I will include any information about my role as a legally mandated reporter, and/or any requirements to break confidentiality in the event that a client discloses an abortion to me, as applicable. I will provide this informed consent to all of my clients as part of the routine informed consent procedure about limits to confidentiality. 

  5. I will examine my internalized stigma and biases about abortion, pregnancy, and mental health, and will seek appropriate supervision when needed.

  6. I agree to complete the mandatory Pro-ChoiceTherapists training and comprehension quiz, offered by

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