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Abortion Resources

Connecting you to vetted information to support your decisions

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Founded in 2000, Exhale Pro-Voice provides person-centered direct service and training for after-abortion emotional support—taking a non-judgmental, “Pro-Voice” approach which centers the identities, cultures, experiences, and values of each person who reaches out. The Exhale Pro-Voice after-abortion textline (617-749-2948) is open seven days a week in the US and Canada, and is available in Spanish, English, and French. Exhale Pro-Voice also provides research-driven trainings to abortion providers, mental health clinicians, and others who want to provide Pro-Voice after-abortion emotional support. is a trusted resource in finding abortion care, learning more about abortion restrictions by state, and connecting you with abortion funds.

Image by Diana Schröder-Bode
Image by Felipe Correia is a "pro-choice spiritual companion for use before, during and after abortion," led by the pro-choice faith organizations Faith in Women and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC)

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