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Dr. Ashley Sweet

Founder and CEO

I lovingly say that I was “raised by Planned Parenthood.” For 14 years I had the honor of working for both an affiliate in Southwest and Central Florida, and at the national office. I had the privilege of holding thousands of hands during abortion procedures, and heard even more stories about what brought people to need abortion care. These experiences shaped my inner advocate and my fierce belief that every person deserves the right to decide whether to carry a pregnancy or not. Abortion rights are human rights, and body autonomy is a fundamental freedom entitled to all. My clinical roots are in sexual assault recovery at a community rape crisis center, where I learned about the deepest and darkest of pain that people carry with them and survive. 

These days I am empowered to work with people to reclaim their bodies through sexual pleasure, passion and desire.

I’m a clinical sexologist, AASECT member, clinical hypnotherapist, and feminist activist. I’m pro-choice, and passionate about empathy and connection.

Dr. Ashley Sweet
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