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Jennifer De Jesus

Chief Learning & Equity Officer

A second-generation American, Afro-Dominican, Black woman, mother, and servant leader, I bring a rich tapestry of experiences and identities to my role as the Chief Learning & Equity Officer. Having honed my skills over a decade in the healthcare and nonprofit sectors, I am an unwavering advocate for women's reproductive health, rights, and justice, dedicating my career to the enhancement of reproductive health services across the nation. As a strategic and innovative executive leader, I carry over five years of broad program and clinical management experience.

My commitment extends deeply into ensuring that every individual, regardless of their background, has access to competent and compassionate mental health care. I fervently champion the need for highly trained, abortion-affirming mental health professionals, recognizing the profound impact such specialized care can have on a person's wellbeing. My passion stems not only from my professional achievements but also from a core belief in the right of everyone to receive empathetic, informed care. As the landscape of reproductive health continues to evolve, I am determined to lead the charge in bridging gaps, challenging stigmas, and expanding the horizons of equitable mental health services for all.

Jennifer De Jesus
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